How to Use this Blog

This blog is designed to be used like a cookbook. I've put tags on each recipe so you can go to the section on that topic just by clicking on the word in the cloud or the list. Some recipes are under more than one category to help you find what you're looking for.

My Philosophy of Cooking

I got into a conversation with friends about cooking for Thanksgiving and discovered that not everyone eats, nor cooks, with the same abandon that my family does. It looks like this is a "family culture" thing and I have been blessed to be part of a family who does food in a big way and does it well.

Both of us come from German backgrounds with grandmothers who made a lot of stuff like noodles by hand.  Beaven's great grandmother made a living cooking for a family when she came here from Germany.  His family owned a bakery for two generations.  A LOT of our family memories are of food.

One of my favorite memories is the ham Beaven's Dad would do for Easter.  He'd take the ham to the bakery and encase it in rye bread dough.  Then he'd put it on the traveling oven that rotated like a Ferris wheel through the oven.  After cooking it all day he'd bring it home for dinner.  I loved to watch him slice the crust and the juices would all run out.  Eating the rye crust soaked in ham juices was almost better than the whole meal itself.

In my own family my mother made egg noodles from scratch and my Oma would sometimes make deep fried crispy rosette waffles.

So, yes, food and I go a long way back.  We have had a good relationship for a while now. I realized I have a lot more to share with the world when it comes to food, than one little old blog can handle. So I decided to start a new blog dedicated to food. And here you are.

My weekend before Thanksgiving is usually a time for planning our Thanksgiving feast. I poll the family for their dessert requests and somehow we always end up with six pies for six people. I call us the "a pie apiece" family.

It appears our family has a few food issues.

But in order to eat this well you have to cook. And if you've never cooked something before you might be afaid to even start.  Well, you gotta start somewhere.   But first you must get over fear of failure.  You can't let food scare you.  One of the best cooks I know just throws things into a pot from accross the room and it all ends up tasting great.  You may mess up a few times.  But you will probably learn something.