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Friday, December 31, 2010

Hummus and/or Black Eyed Peas

I finally succeeded at making hummus.  It's not really hard to do.  I put a can of chick peas in the blender and added garlic, salt and lemon juice then drizzled some olive oil until it was the right taste and consistency.  It was good enough to pass the taste test for a party of fellow tree huggers who have eaten a lot of hummus.

This got me to thinking of all the things I could do by blending stuff into a paste-like consistency. Then I remembered the issues we've had in the past with black eyed peas.

Like all good southerners we need our black eyed peas for good luck on New Years Day.  However, our kids don't like them and refuse to eat them.  One year when Elizabeth was in her teens Beaven practically wrestled her to the ground in an attempt to press one single pea past her clenched teeth.  No luck all around that year.

Poor old blackeyed peas.  They're not known for their taste and their consistency is a but "off" at times.  Some people make a dip out of them called Texas Caviar but it makes it's magic by just adding a bunch of garlic. You are still left with the awkward consistency.

So blackeyed pea hummus seemed like the perfect candidate for my vision.  I just used the blackeyed peas in place of the chcik peas.  While neither pea has much of a taste this new kind was clearly not your grandmother's hummus.  So I started thinking of southwestern flavors I could introduce.  I added a touch more garlic, some cummin and springs of cilantro.  This worked in the taste department but turned the "hummus" slightly green. It was jusgt green enough to look suspicious but not green enough to actually be what anyone would declare "green."

And that is where my research stopped. 

I invite you to try this idea and add your own touches.  Let me know what works.  But hurry, I've only got one day to get a couple of peas' worth into stomachs around here. With a couple of diseases and a divorce in 2010 our family needs better luck in 2011.

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