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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Green Bean Casserole

This is the Most dependable dish at any pot luck supper you'll ever go to. I would wager that there has not been a church dinner in the last forty years without a Green Bean Casserole.  Maybe at an Episcopal Church.  Lord knows what they do at their suppers. I understand they drink a lot.

one or two cans of green beans, drained (or not)
can of cream of mushroom soup
can of French's fried onion rings

Mix the soup and beans.  Top with onion rings
cook uncovered at about 300-350 for a while (30 minutes?  who knows)

The genius of this recipe isn't how tasty it is but how easy it is to throw together on the fly.  You could keep the cans in your car for times you're surprised to find yourself a guest at a pot luck supper that you forgot to plan for.

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