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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Potato Soup

We've had two days of ice and temperatures in the teens.  Tomorrow will be the third day school has been closed.  Everybody I know is making soups and chili.  Time to share a few recipes and stories.

My brother used to make potato and broccoli soup every Sunday while he watched the Cowboy game.  It was one of those recipes you just learned by watching.  Not sure I could share it here unless you promise not to be mad if my measurements aren't precise.

Dice a couple of onions in a little olive oil or butter. Add some chicken broth.  Then dice two or three or four potatoes and cook them.  Add some cheese if you want.  If I'm feeling ambitious I like to take out about half of the potatoes and run them through a blender and put back into the pot to give the soup body.  Finally add some broccoli. Season throughout the process as you go along. Sometimes I add sour cream to give an extra zest. 

Doss would put the pot on and keep it cooking during the whole game.  Most people remember my brother as someone who just drank a lot of beer and the occasional jar of moonshine.  But I remember him for this soup.

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