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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Chicken Broth

Never throw away chicken bones. You can always use chicken broth for something and here’s how you make it:   put anything left from using a chicken:  bones and skin plus odd bits of meat, cooked or raw-- into a roasting pan.  Throw in a roughly chopped onion about three carrot sticks and some celery if you have it. Add salt and pepper and enough water to cover the chicken three fourths way.  Put into an oven set low (maybe 300 degrees)  You can set this in the oven and forget about it.

The beauty of doing it this way instead of on top the stove and boiling it is that you don't have that nasty foamy looking stuff.  Recipes like this tell you to skim the foam off.  Who wants to spend their time skimming foam?  I especially enjoy the "forget about it" part.  You could check on it from time to time to add more water or stir it around a bit.  As it cooks, the bones come apart and you can move them around to submerge them all in the broth.  If things start to get dark brown that's OK--that's what you're aiming for.

That evening or the next morning you’ll have chicken broth.  Strain out the bones and small bits of meat, carrots and onion.  Give the dog the bones and she will love you forever.

Pour it into a one quart container and let cool in the fridge.  The fat will float to the top and solidify.  Scoop the fat off with a spoon.  Seal the broth in a Ziplock bag and freeze it for later.

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