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Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Tip

One of the most over-looked tips at Christmas time is that the whole outdoors can function as a spare refrigerator.  And unheated spot will do.  When I was a kid we used the laundry room and my step-mother would set all her baked goods there to keep until we delivered them.. This was a spot of genius until the squirrels chewed an access to the room and ate the pecan gracing each cookie.  It didn't touch the cookie, just the pecan,  The past few years I've used an ice chest I keep in the back of the car. I keep an ice chest in my car to keep the ice cream cooler in the summer's drive home or keep the rotisserie chicken warm on the drive home in the winter.  You can also put your pies straight into the trunk of the car.  At Christmas the outside temperature is about the same as the refrigerator.

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